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I need your help! DLSU, UST or Miriam College?

Hello! So I sadly didn't pass the UPCAT, but I did pass the USTET! Now I have some intense decision-making to do.

USTET passers need to pay the reservation fee tomorrow or on Saturday. If the passers don't pay, the slots will be given to those who are on the waiting list.

MC passers will be doing that as well, but the deadline is on January 30.

Now I need your help! Where do you think should enroll in? My course on DLSU is Organizational Communication. In UST, Communcation Arts and on MC, Mass Communication (I think).

I live in Marikina and I probably won't be allowed to live in a dorm/condo so I have to commute daily.

How about the environment of the school?



9 responses to I need your help! DLSU, UST or Miriam College?

  1. Myka Javier says:

    I think you should choose what is more convenient for you, and what course that you're most interested in. You should look for the course that is convenient for you to find a job when you graduate, to have money... and most importantly, you'll love to do as a job. ;)

    P.S. Since you have commented on my post, I have followed you. Congratulation for passing those schools. :)

  2. Alyssa says:

    Please don't be sad na about it, things happen for a reason.

    Ummm...DLSU maybe? I'm sure they have good teachers and they do produce good graduates. :)

    It's still up to you though. Good luck! And God bless! :)

    Whichever school you decide to go to, kick-ass, k? ;)


  3. maggie says:

    Congrats on getting into those schools! Look them up online, and then choose.

    Following you now~ follow back?

    xx maggie

  4. Kumiko Mae says:

    Woot MC haha just so you'd still be at Katipunan! I MISS KATIP! If you really want to study at UP, MC would be a good choice bec it'd be easier for yot process transferring too

  5. Lei says:

    DLSU. DLSU produces great OrgComm graduates, you know. :)

  6. Mandi G says:

    DLSU! you'll enjoy, i'm there now & im enjoying :)

  7. nat says:

    Ohhh. Im torn with UST and MC too. For me, it'd really be great to study in UST. :D

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