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Hi! We're going to Puerto Prinsesa in a few hours and I just wanted to quickly post this.
Okay, so I've been craving for Doc Martens since December. When I saw one of the performers at Laffline wearing an electric blue patent pair, my craving grew larger. The day after we went to Laffline, we went to SM North Edsa. We went to Primadonna because I saw a really cute pair online and I want check it out in person. When we walked in, I saw another cute pair but ignored it as I was looking for the shoes I saw online. Then there it was; it didn't really appeal to me. I looked around saw this pair. It reminded me of the Doc Martens and I just told myself I couldn't pass this up! I asked for my size and bought it immediately.

This was the day I wrote this post. I went again to SM North Edsa with a friend. I actually have a VERY EMBARASSING story to tell you which I will write in a later post. Just the thought of it makes me laugh.

I'm thinking of posting my New Year's post after this.. I'll probably do. I do hope I can bring my crappy ol' laptop so I can post at Puerto Prinsesa. We're going to stay there for 4 days which will be torturous for me if I won't have internet.






Top: Ora | Bottoms: Aeropostale | Shoes: Primadonna | Watch: Seiko | Bag: Bangkok

Watch out for my post about the story I was talking about! It will seriously crack you up (I hope) and wish us a safe trip!



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  1. Annie says:

    Love your bag and boots...so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Those shoes look great on you and you look pretty in the outfit. :)

  3. sara l says:

    wow, love this outfit!

  4. Shabna says:

    I love the top so much! The colours are so nice x x

  5. Audrey says:

    You look great! Cool boots!


  6. Mariel says:

    Great look! I want those shoes. xx

  7. love the shoes!:)

    visit my style site with my sisters too! and maybe we can follow each other in google friend :)


  8. Great pictures! I love it!!

  9. Vina Yabut says:

    Nice shoes!! :)


  10. Vina Yabut says:

    Hi! Sure! Followed you now :)

  11. 1tsmc says:

    Lovely blog!
    Love your shoes! :)


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