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Tonight, we start a new journey (Photodiary)

Hi there! This is my not-so-late New Year's post.
My family and I spent the NYE at home, and went outside to celebrate with family and neighbors. We actually didn't have any fireworks but our neighborhood had so much!! It was such a beautiful view (although I couldn't say the same for the smoke) and the noise was actually a bit heart-warming. It was a sign that 2012 is really here.

The day of January 1, we went to Laguna to visit more relatives and my sister's grave. I will make a little post about my sister soon! Anyway, we went to BelAir I Laguna and Centennial Garden. I live in Marikina and to go there back and forth is so tiring! Too much traveling for one day.

I am really excited for this year!! Why?
- I'm turning 16! Whew, I wonder how my parents feel about that!
- I'm graduating high school
- College entrance exams results (which I am very nervous of)
- I'm entering college
- I finally have a blog!
- I get to survive another 'end of the world' ;)
- I get to meet new people
- (Hopefully) I get to meet fellow bloggers and readers!
The list goes on and on..

Here's a quick photodiary of how my day went. I'll be doing more of these photodiaries as it is much easier to share with photos. Plus, it gives me more motivation to shoot. :)

- 1 (1)

- 1

- 1 (7)

- 211

- 374

- 397

- 367

- 264

...and Piper. My uncle's puppy. I want him so bad!! He is such a rascal. Very sweet as well, but quite rough. I still love him to bits! :)

Finally, I have this posted already. Watch out for the following posts!

Update: We're still here at Puerto Princesa and will be going home tomorrow. The place is such a beauty! We went to the Underground River which is one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature. I'll talk about that when I get home. Wish us a safe trip! How has your year been? :)



14 responses to Tonight, we start a new journey (Photodiary)

  1. Hazel says:

    happy new year! fun photos!! :)

  2. Love the quality of your photos. So nice!

  3. wow, cool photos!


  4. Lidiya says:

    Wonderful photos, I love the fireworks <3

  5. Kristina says:

    cute pics ^^


  6. Nav says:

    Happy new year! lovely photos xx

  7. Aisa.Paxie says:

    nice photos!:) and im from marikina too!:)

  8. great pics!!!

    please follow my blog!


    will be doing a giveaway of new products from maybelline when i reach 100 followers!

    with all the love,


  9. ganda ng mga shot mo. anung lens ang gamit mo? :)) x

  10. Thanks! Playing around with Nikon DX 18-55mm. :)

  11. i love ur uncle's dog. even though i am more cat-person. :)

    i follow u. would u like to follow me back? ;)


  12. Hi sweetie, thanks for dropping by at my blog! Congrats to your new blog! Cheers to 2012! x

    Kiss Kiss,
    Bec of http://mygorgeouspinkcheeks.blogspot.com

  13. Anya Cruz says:

    I just have to say it: there is just something about your blog that has pulled me in. :) Plus, I can definitely relate with your list. College life here we go!


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