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Advance Graduation Gift

Hello! Sorry for my short hiatus, I've been quite busy this week. Anyway, I already got the laptop I was asking for! I originally asked for a MacBook Air, but my dad said that Mac isn't recommended for users like me. He also said that Windows (as the OS) is much more easier to use as I am familiar with it already and that most people use the said operating system. I am not the Computer programmer so might as well agree with him.

My dad was originally looking through Lenovo laptops. He already had an eye on one, which I think is a bit more expensive than the one I was asking for. He and the salesman talked, and sadly I didn't go home that day with a laptop. The next day, I had school. As I got home, I passed by my parent's room and saw a box. I didn't stop to look at it because I was really tired so I changed first. After that, I went again to their room and I finally saw it. It was red, bigger than a netbook but smaller than a laptop. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I had finally received my graduation gift!

Just my luck, my old crappy laptop's charger broke a few weeks before and I had a really important paper to finish. I'm really thankful that I received this earlier. Thank you to my wonderful parents, who never fail to surprise me!







This is the Asus K43S, the red one. I really like its features, but I think the volume is not as loud as I would want it to be. I love it nevertheless. Thanks again to my mom and dad!

I also received two packages a couple of nights ago. The next two posts will be about that!

Enjoy your weekend! :)



6 responses to Advance Graduation Gift

  1. Julia Sh. says:

    Awesome gift, I would love to change my little laptop to a bit bigger..

    Much Love,
    Julie - http://juliechoice.blogspot.com/

  2. Great gift. have a great weekend.


  3. Cool laptop. Super nice.

  4. jeniffer says:

    nice.. asus is one of the best computer.. so your lucky to have one.. happy advance congratulation to your upcoming graduation..

  5. Cool gift and blog! Following you, hopefully you can do the same!

  6. Sssssweeeet! nice laptop. I got a Toshiba Satellite last year and I like it. I was looking into a Lenovo because they're durable and long lasting, but it was way too expensive :(

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