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Baguio 2012

Hello! Today I'm going to share another late post. I have lots of backlogged posts! I apologize for not being able to post everyday, I'm a graduating student and I have lost of requirements to finish up.

Baguio is one of the colder places here in the Philippines. We go there at least once a year, just to get away from the stress of the city and to have some fresh strawberries!
















Delicious strawberry taho (beancurd/soya pudding) and strawberry ice cream! You can really tell the difference between freshly made strawberry ice cream from the ones you buy at the grocery.


Have you tried grilled corn? These are delicious!



1-day-old chicken and Kwek-kwek (quail eggs) are Filipino favorites! The first one creeps me out so I don't eat it.



Coffee! Do you know how it's like to be me, surrounded with sacks of coffee? I could've stayed there forever. The aroma of the coffee just lures me in, I feel weak to my knees. We bought a few bags of coffee, but the ones I remember are Caramel, Irish-Cream, Vanilla, and Hazelnut Cream.

We also love shopping at the ukay-ukay (flea market) and the night market there! There are gazillion stalls, you wouldn't finish checking them out in a day! If you plan on visiting Baguio, I suggest you check out the markets. They also have fresh and healthy veggies, you should check them out too. My mom is salad-obsessed, so she loves that place.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice weekend. :)



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  1. Sarah Lewis says:

    Great blog ! Would you like to follow each other :) ?

    xxxx -S.

  2. Mix Supetran says:

    Makes me miss going to baguio! :( thanks for the visit in my blog! Keep it up! Xx, http://mixsupetran.blogspot.com

  3. CSX girls says:

    been following your blog, dear. :)


  4. SHOUA says:

    You have a great blog here. And this place seems wonderful. Hopefully I can visit one day when I graduate too. Let's follow each other. Following you now. Follow back. :)

    Love, Shoua

  5. beautiful!!! Following you, hope you follow back!

  6. Dominika says:

    It looks like such a wonderful place. I would definitely like to visit it someday, even though it's unbelievably far away from me. Those chickens creeped me out though, I wouldn't eat them either!


  7. Camilla says:

    So may beautiful photos! Your blog is great! I follow you, it would be lovely if you followed mine :)

    Have a nice weekend
    X Camilla

  8. Florencece says:

    great photos :)
    strawberries <3


  9. Florencece says:

    great photos :)
    strawberries <3


  10. Sarah Lewis says:

    Following u now, don't forget to do the same :)
    xxx -S.

  11. These photos are lovely! xo


  12. i LOVE baguio, you make me miss it even more! <3

  13. Hazel says:

    great shots!!!! ohh how i miss baguio :(


  14. Tea says:

    Photos are really beautiful :)

    Do you wanna follow each other?


  15. pjlatte says:

    Cute blog! Let me know if you want to follow each other, so I can follow you back!

    ♥ Pjlatte's Bag Book ♥

  16. Anonymous says:

    I miss Baguio! I only had a 3-day trip there with my parents, and the first day was spent in the emergency room because my mum had almost fainted from fatigue, etc.

    But I absolutely love the cold! It makes things easier for me to wear fashionable clothes. And not to mention the lovely houses and retro diners! <3

  17. Carla Cee says:

    wow! im so jealous :)

  18. Gorgeous pictures.


  19. gorgeous pictures, those strawberries look deeeelish!

  20. Tea says:

    Sure we can. I'm following you...
    Follow me back ;)


  21. Minna says:

    Wow, beautiful pictures!

    Your blog seems very interesting. Would you mind following each other? =)


  22. MIRTE says:

    Wauw!! Such beautiful pictures!!

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  23. jas says:

    stunning pictures!


  24. I love your pictures! They are all so lovely! It seems like you had a GREAT time in Baguio. I should definitely consider going there for a future trip. I really like your blog. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it!

    Check out my NYFW pictures!

  25. roel says:

    It looks soo beautiful over there!

  26. OMG!!!! These photos are so awesome. I was 8 since I last visited Baguio with my family.

    And omg, dirty ice cream!!! I want!

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