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I have been sick as heck for the past couple of weeks. It was just a bad case of the cold and cough, but I learned yesterday that it wasn't.

Costochondritis is a benign inflammation of the costal cartilage, which is a length of cartilage which connects each rib, except the eleventh and twelfth, to the sternum. It causes pain in the chest that can be reproduced by pressing on the affected area between the ribs. This pain can be quite excruciating, especially after rigorous exercise. [source]

I've been feeling this slight pain on my chest since Monday. I ignored it as I thought it was just some kind of thing that will go away after a day or two. The day before yesterday, I went to our school clinic as I felt the pain had gone worse. My heart beat went really fast and I had to take pain relievers/muscle relaxers to calm myself. The drug didn't work, but the pain was still bearable so I ignored it. Yesterday, I went to school still bearing the pain. It was my first class for the day when I felt the need to go to the clinic. My hands and feet were trembling and my sweat was cold. I went there, took the same medicine I took the day before, got my blood pressure checked (which was also done a day before) and was asked to lie down and rest for a bit. After a couple hours, I was checked again and was told that I was fine and that I can go back to class. I went to the school cafeteria to look for my friends. While I was walking, I felt my hands and feet trembling again. I don't know why, but for some reason, when I saw them I started crying. Maybe because I just didn't feel well.

Blah blah blah. Long story cut short, I was asked to go to the hospital. The doctor told me that I had Costochondritis because of my cough and cold. The only thing I can take are pain relievers. I have to wait for it to go away. Well, that sucks.

Moving on.. Finally! I can post larger photos here. I was trying to figure it out earlier as well as having the font size enlarged. I still haven't figured it out. Does anyone here know how to fix it?



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  2. Tatiana B. says:

    I really hope you will be fine sooner!

    I'm following u back darling! Kiss

  3. Carla Cee says:

    get well soon girl :D i don't know how to fix it sorry.

  4. Lyosha says:

    sorry to hear of what happened to you! Hope you'll feel fine as soon as possible!

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  5. Mara Feliz says:

    Oh god..that sounds really bad :( I hope you get better real soon.. Being sick is never fun..

    Kisses! xxx


  6. that's awful! i'm so sorry to hear that you're in pain. i hope you feel better soon.

    as for the image sizing, i usually just resize my photos in photoshop or even picnik, to the size i'd like them on my blog. then i just post them in their (now resized) original size. that's all i know!

    also, of course i'd love for us to follow each other! i just followed you. follow back if you get a chance xx

  7. hi honey - wrote you this long comment and then my computer froze and i don't know if it went through!

    anyway, i hope you feel better soon. also, for the photos, i just resize mine to the size i'd like them to be on my blog (using picnik or photoshop). then i post them on blogger and click "original size". that's all i know!

    also, of course i'd love for us to follow each other! just followed you! follow back when you get a chance xx

  8. thestyleflux says:

    Hoping that you will be healed soon, and feel much better and healthier. Anyway, just dropping by to say "Thank you! :)" for following my blog! :)


  9. Sandra says:

    get well soon dear xxxxx

  10. Oh my goodness that sounds awful. Get better soon.


  11. thanks honey! yes, i'd love to follow each other. i'm already following you xx

  12. kirstyb says:

    hope you feek better x

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