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Stress Reliever

Finally! A Saturday without CAT. I've been attending our CAT class for every Saturday of January and February. I'm not really the sporty type of person, but I do really get into things when I have competition.

I've been really stressed these past few days. So many requirements and essays to finish up! I have at least 5 essays to write and a research paper (baby thesis, as we like to call it) to submit. Also, a lot of study notes to take down! Ahh! This is messing me up, big time! The worst part is, I get distracted so easily! One second, I'm writing an essay and the next, I find myself reading through blogs or watching Youtube videos.

A week ago, my mom decided to drop by Nike to buy two pairs of shoes for her games. She's a tennis and badminton player, as well as a volleyball player! I wish I could be as active in sports as my mom. Anyway, I spotted this pair that I really liked and asked her if she could buy me the pair. My dad disagreed as he found the pair to be a bit "hip hop" but gladly he found a pair better than the first one I saw! He spotted this pair, and thank God he did! I love the low cut and the neon pink.


Also, I was really devastated when I found out that Whitney Houston had passed. I've been a fan since I was a child, singing to her hit song I Will Always Love You. Rest in peace, we know you are know singing with the heaven's choir.

Some live videos I've been checking out for days now:

A lovely cover by a group I've been addicted listening to:



15 responses to Stress Reliever

  1. Myka Javier says:

    I definitely know how you feel about this week becoming so hectic as to the upcoming weeks as well... GAH. Even though I have tons to do, I find myself procrastinating every once in a while.

  2. I was very sad about Whitney Houston's passing too. I am also a huge fan of hers.
    Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle

  3. Myka Javier says:

    Just saw your comment in my recent blog post, and yes, I don't know where else to reply as well, so I thought maybe I can reply here. Haha. Anyway, thank you for wishing me luck and praying for me about my Recon. I just hope that Ateneo has one too so you and my best friend's dream can finally come true!
    My advice to you about your performance is just don't let it get to you. Don't over-think it because it'll only make your nerves much worse. Oh, and just enjoy it, you know? Let the music come within. ;) Thanks too for commenting on my blog.

    xxo, M

  4. Florencece says:

    fine shoes, i like it!
    very girly :)

  5. Love the pop of neon pink!

  6. Catherine says:

    Very cute shoes. Great pick!

  7. Ioana-Carmen says:

    Nice post! Check my blog and follow me if you want!


  8. your blog is very cute =)


  9. Karen says:

    Congrats on your upcoming graduation!! You have a super cute blog!!



  10. WOW, Great Post !

    Love Storm

  11. Maria says:

    hello babe! nice blog! :) hope you get all your tasks done!

  12. ATACADAS says:

    Hi!! lOve your blog!! I follow you!! Please follow me too!! ;)
    Kisses from spain!!

  13. S A R A H. says:

    you have a nice blog! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. and yep sure, let's follow each other :)



  14. im still pretty bent up about whitney. Such a stellar voice. I watched the bodyguard recently.....



  15. I'm always so stressed by the end of the week! I have some tips on my blog as well! stressinnicole.blogspot.com. Check it out!

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