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Almost there

Hey guys! Sorry for my short hiatus, I was contemplating whether or not I should post about my prom before any other post. I'm still waiting for a few photos to be uploaded by our photographer kuno (shout out to Sr. Raffy!). I also didn't get enough use out of my camera as I learned that the lens is broken so the photos I took were crappy, and I handed it to my class adviser so that I can dance through the night without worries.

So we're finally done! No more classes, no more papers, no more home works. The only thing we have left is our graduation practices and we're out of high school! It feels so weird to actually be leaving my Alma mater. On a side note, I didn't get the semestral award I was hoping for. The only subject that brought me to this misery was Social Studies!! And the thing I hate about it is that a measly point has brought me to this. Oh well, I guess I should've done better.

I've also been craving for this neon pair from Aldo I saw at the store two weeks ago. I forgot about it but seeing it again on Camille's blog got me going crazy all over again! This is definitely not one of those shoes I'll where all the time so I really need to think before buying it.





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  1. Myka Javier says:

    I think the neon shoes are definitely gorgeous. But I do agree that you needed to think about it before actually buying it, y'know? The best way to do nowadays is to be practical. Yet again, if you do want it so bad... why not? Unless the price is very impractical, if you know what I mean.. ;) xx

  2. Baby Rouge says:

    I lovveee neon shoes. i want both.


  3. LOVE the bright shoes so much! =)


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  5. Jewel Clicks says:

    awww.... :) I'm starting to check out some stores and choosing what color to buy. hmmm.. still not decided. :D

    Jewel Clicks

  6. Marella says:

    Amazing shoes!
    Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back?

    I've an amazing giveaway on my blog and I really appreciate if you would partecipate! <3

  7. Arstcrylique says:

    I'm craving for some neon heels too.
    Good luck for your graduation, I had my graduation speech last week and it has been so exciting.

    Sara Ottavia C.

  8. Julie Lan says:

    ohh I love these neon shoes right now! so cute!

  9. Love the yellow shoes - it is my fave color

    would love for you to check out my new post


  10. Livia says:

    adore that neon shoes <3 i want neon things so badly <333

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