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Inspiration: Daily Look

Finally, weekend! We had our CEM (Center for Educational Measurement) exams earlier. This week was probably my worst week of February, I haven't had enough sleep for days! I'm sure you're tired of hearing my complaints so I'm going to make it up by showing a couple of photos I came across last night.

I'm almost done with the requirements! I only have one portfolio left to do. Next week is going to be hell as well, Monday to Wednesday we'll have our exams. My group members and I also have an oral defense on Monday, and I have to do the slides for that. Also, Thursday we have our final NAT (National Achievement Test) review on Thursday and NAT on Friday.

The good thing is, after all that, we are done! We have our JS (Junior-Senior) Prom on March 10 and graduation practice for the following days. I'm really excited about that, but I really need to focus now on studying for the exams. I'll be heartbroken if I get kicked out of the honor's list!

I was watching a few Youtube videos yesterday (I should've been finishing up my projects, see how easily I get distracted?) and came across a video of which I forgot the title. The girl was talking about this site called the Daily Look . The site showcases the clothes they sell by means of having a "daily look". Each day, they post an outfit and most (if not all) of the clothes they show are for sale.

Here are a few inspiration photos that I will probably go back to once a start college (because they don't wear uniforms in the school I'm planning on enrolling to)







You can sense in the photos that I really like having a pop of color on my outfit. I love prints as well! These are not the usual 'artsy' photos I tend to gravitate to but I find these wearable for everyday! Anyway, I need to go now. We're going to celebrate my dad's birthday tonight.

Have a great weekend! :)


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  1. all these outfits are lovely, great picks!


  2. Lovely colors! <3



  3. minnja says:

    Great blog and I'm your newest follower.
    If you like, follow me back. It would make me very happy ;)



  4. I love the skirt from the first picture.


  5. Deborah says:

    I love the outfits!

  6. This outfits are amazing!! xoxo


  7. Encarna says:

    Beautiful selection! those pics are inspiring me

  8. Arden says:

    I have noticed the ladies all have amazingly mile long legs, as well as great style. I love these and how each look has a unique use of color. xx

  9. Britt+Whit says:

    totally agree! i am a huge fan of colors and always wear a lot! love the pleats in the first photo

    love from San Francisco,

  10. Florencece says:

    great looks, i love colors!
    happy birthday to your dad! :)

    xoxo, Florencece

  11. all these looks are just perfect!
    big kiss,

    Style LimeLight

  12. all these looks are just perfect!
    big kiss,

    Style LimeLight

  13. Brigita says:

    This is a great selection! You always have to have a color in your outfit!

    xx Brigita

  14. Marina says:

    I love all the colors. great outfits.

    x Marina


  15. Love the photos- always nice to have a pop of color :)

    Be Frassy

  16. Monica Kwok says:

    Good eye. Pops of color are the best.


  17. Veronica P. says:

    really nice inspiration

  18. FASHION ICE says:

    loving all the lovely colours!! xx

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