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Music Faves of the Month: May

I figured it's time to post this since everyone on YouTube and on here are talking about their favorites. If I do "fashion" or "beauty" favorites, I probably won't be consistent with it and skip half a year before I post another one so here's my attempt to try something a little more forgiving. I'm a music whore and I thought you guys might find my music taste interesting (if you don't, GTFO! Kidding...) or just want to listen to new music. 

Also, I'm stuck in Batangas right now for a "reunion" but I'm trying my best to avoid everyone. I also have an  essay to read, I'll get on with that later. 

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Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

I've heard the band through the radio, and I kinda regret not going to their concert here!

Born To Die by Lana Del Rey

I cannot even fathom how in love I am with Lana. I'm also obsessed with her song Young and Beautiful which is a part of the The Great Gatsby soundtrack. 

When It Was Now by Atlas Genius

Loooooooove this band.

Gossamer by Passion Pit

This is probably my favorite through my whole list here, I would also include Manners here, which is also Passion Pit's album. I love them!!!!

There it is, my favorites of the month. I don't know what to talk about next... Maybe my hair? I don't know. Well I guess that's it! I'm officially back to school and I ended my first week yesterday. Too many embarrassing things happened to me this week. Way to start of my school year! Good luck with all of you!



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