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School Diaries: Sweater Weather

This post is a day late, but since I forgot to take pics of my outfit today, might as well just talk about this one! Our Monday classes were suspended because of the typhoon Labuyo but the day after wasn't so I kinda expected it to be still a bit cold and windy. It was raining hard that morning so I decided to wear a sweater but I figured it won't be as cold in the noon so I wore a skirt. I should've brought a back up shirt because it got so hot in the noon! It was a bit tolerable though, since all of the classrooms are air-conditioned.

Also, I'm changing the "School Chronicles" to "School Diaries" because I just realized how irrelevant the word chronicle is. I'd also like to mention I got the idea from Vernice Enciso! She used to have her own blog (not sure if it's still up) but she and her sister has now a joint one here. I love reading their blog (even though their taste is a tad bit more girly than mine!) and also, I see Vern around in school and I can't help but feel a bit fan-girly inside!


Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Chill | Accessories: Forever 21 | Shoes: Nike (Capri II)

PS. I don't always Instagram my outfits but I will always (the ones I remember to take a pic of) post 'em here!

Now you may think my title for this post is such a cliché (because it is) but it's also a song! I discovered this band through Ingrid (missglamorazzi on YouTube)! She talked about them in one of her "favorites" videos, I think it was the July one.

Here's a link to the music video. I suggest you listen to their other songs as well! I recommend Afraid, Let It Go, and How! Or just download (or buy it, but cmon nobody really does that right?) their album, I Love You.

I'll be going to a couple of parties (not too much, this just makes me sound like I have a life outside of the internet) this month so that means more posts on here! Again, watch out for my giveaway!



3 responses to School Diaries: Sweater Weather

  1. Chami Nguyen says:

    Nice song.


  2. www.fashioneggplant.com says:

    Hi Sofia!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, we do have very similar styles and even pose the same way in mirror shots. hahaha! anyway, great style, keep blogging :)

  3. wastedpixie says:

    nice and simple outfit - love the cosy sweater a lot!

    Check out my new outfit post on blog! :)




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